PandoApp Support

How do I watch a video?

To watch a video, simply click on the thumbnail of the video.
A new screen will pop up where you can watch the video.
Towards the end, you will be able to mark that video as completed and update your Goals progress.

A video really spoke to me and I want to accept Christ. How do I do that?

On each video’s page, there is a button that says “I Want to Accept Christ.” When you are ready to take the leap and follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior, click that button. Another video will pop up which will help you understand what that means and what to do next!

How do I submit a prayer?

From the Prayer Wall, click on “Submit a prayer.”
You will then have the option to choose “to be prayed for” or “to share a win.” Then, simply write out your prayer. When you are done, click “Submit Prayer” and your prayer will be added to the Prayer Wall where others can read it and support you in prayer!

How do I change my interests and settings?

From the menu, click “My Profile.”
Here you will be able to change any personal information as well as select your topics of interest.

What are Goals?

Goals are a way of tracking your spiritual progress. As you watch more and more content and engage with other aspects of the app, your progress will update and you will earn Badges. Go to the Goals page in the Menu to check your progress at any time.