We partner with prisons & correctional facilities.

We are the DOC’s nationally-recognized prison ministry.

We are serving the Department of Corrections across the country, from Florida to Texas and all the way up to Alaska. Our goal as an organization is to partner with the Department of Corrections to ultimately give inmates and their families a new beginning and an opportunity to stay out of prison for good.

We are seeing tremendous success all around the country. Hardee Correctional Center, a maximum-security prison in Bowling Green, Florida, is just one of the prisons God Behind Bars has had the opportunity to serve . When Warden Leavins was recently asked about the success of God Behind Bars in his institution, he said, “What a tremendous impact it’s had! It’s overwhelming for the men on the compound and it’s improving their outlook and their self worth. It’s simply awesome.”

God Behind Bars targets inmates’ spiritual needs by connecting them with our unique three-step strategy that starts with a weekend experience, moves into reconnecting them with their family as well as helping them plug-in and grow deeper in their faith through small groups, and finishes by setting them up for success beyond bars in our re-entry phase.