Celebrating families… together.

There are millions of children in the U.S. with incarcerated parents.

The lack of parental influence in their lives dramatically increases the chance of those children ending up behind bars later in life. We want to change that. 

Some of these kids have never met their parents at all, and the rest haven’t seen them in a very long time, at best. They don’t get to make those Christmas memories. And those parents miss out on seeing the glow in a child’s eyes on Christmas morning. Despite the lights and celebrations going on around them, Christmas is often the darkest time of the year for these families.

All Is Bright changes that.

All Is Bright is a Christmas program that reconnects kids with their incarcerated parents during the Christmas season. The parents are given the opportunity to bless their kids with gifts and lifelong memories, with the goal of setting them up to be a hero in the eyes of their children. This gives them a newfound joy and motivation to make the necessary changes in their life to be a positive and supportive role model for their kids going forward. They get to “shop” for their kids by browsing through thousands of toy donations from volunteers and churches. Then, on the night of the event, children and parents are physically reunited, some for the very first time, during an extremely special ceremony. Finally, the kids get to experience a real Christmas with their mom or dad where they open presents, eat a meal, and spend time making new Christmas memories. They play games, build gingerbread houses, and take family photos while volunteers serve food, paint faces, and try to make the experience as special as possible for all the families. Even Santa is there!

To get a glimpse of what All Is Bright is like and its power in the lives of these families, please watch the videos below. And make sure you have your tissues ready! 

Give a gift to All Is Bright to reunite kids and parents this Christmas!


We believe in a God of love and reconciliation. Not only does He want to reconcile with us, His children, but He wants to see families reunited and reconciled to each other. He wants to “turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents” (Malachi 4:6)! All Is Bright allows parents to be heroes in their kids’ lives again. It’s more than presents. It’s more than food. It is the opportunity for parents to begin to write a new chapter in the lives of their kids, start a journey together in breaking the cycle of incarceration, and find freedom in their purpose as a family.